Where to live?

One summer I worked at Hem Farm near Shifnal. Went to V99 as it was close and saw James Brown.

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The .

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The choice was him or The Manics.

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Just sussing out Folkestone - has some pluses but I have never visited a place where literally 90% have a drink in their hand. And so white. And lots of union jacks in the windows. Almost certain me and wife are the only ones without tatoos too. Back. To London tomorrow phew :disappointed_relieved:

Should be spelt “Volkstone” really, albeit pronunciation would remain the same.


Even whiter than the Namibian rugby XV?





Deal, further up the coast, seems quite nice Some friends of ours have a home there.

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Folkestone has been in decline for years, any one with any nous got out.
it left high unemployment and and a run down town, perfect recruitment town (like some of the similar Essex coastal towns) for UKIP etc.
Roger De Haan who owned Saga is trying to develop the seafront and harbour and is fronting a new scheme to to build and sell very expensive beachside residences and try and do a ‘Margate’ on the place and make it chic.
None of this seems to have any benefit to the local people who blame their lot on immigration and the EU.
They do see a lot of migrants wash up on their beaches and the local Napier barracks is being used to house asylum seekers
Kent refugee help do quite a lot in the area,
I know someone who moved there a few years ago as it was one of the very few places in the South East he could afford a property. Prices are low and the place is dying


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Sounds like Folkestone is well out then :rofl:

Well I don’t really like people :rofl: so living somewhere rural suited me, and I find the Peak District a lot less remote than living in a small SW town.
Bristol (and many Southern based areas) are insanely busy, and the only way that would work (for me) is if you were walking/biking distance to work…and could ‘escape’ the other times.
Manchester has nothing like the public trasnport/road network to make it work and just grinds to a halt.
Nottingham/Derby/Birmingham are also horrible, and Stoke is even worse.
If you pushed me to city living then Sheffield on the Peak District side would be tolerable…Just…

I blame the otters…


Yes, Folkestone is a bit broken, really. We go occasionally but wouldn’t want to live there. Sandgate and Hythe just to the west are quieter and less grimy. I’d say that generally, peoples politics down here are further to the right than they are in London. Our area is full of non-repentent brexitards, it isn’t just Folkestone.

Feckin Trotskyist tho, compared to Norfuk :joy:


Pah! Norfuk is a nest of Marxism compared to fucking Lincolnshite!


That tram network is still expanding, i love it. Just drive to a greater Manc train station, get a train in to Victoria and then it’s free trams round the city centre. There are also 2 free bus routes. I can see cars beginning to be redundant inside the inner ring road.

Yep Folkestone out for me - went to Hythe and Sandgate too - v pleasant but too quiet really. It’s all a learning curve.

Mind you it’s listed as one the Sunday Times best places to live - these articles are mostly bollocks, reheated homes that haven’t sold with a bit of puff.

Thinking Canterbury…