Which arm on which deck?

I’ve just bought an Audiomods arm to go on my Goldring G99 and have an OL Silver II on my SP-10.

My question is, would I be better off using the Audiomods arm on the SP-10 ?

I ask because the SP-10 & plinth weigh about 35 Kg combined and are in quite a restricted place, so I don’t want the ball ache / risk of moving stuff if it is obvious there won’t be any gain.

Both arms will be running Hana SL’s.

Thanks for your sage advice.

Hi Mike
That OL Silver is a pretty good arm but the Audiomods is significantly better in my experience.
Which Audiomods is it? Even the Classic is a better overall arm than the OL in my opinion.

Which is the better turntable?
I would sink my time and effort into the Audiomods G99 combo if it were my choice.

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Not sure which model Tim. It’s this one

I think that the SP-10 would show the G99 a clean pair of heels, but that is a valid point that would certainly complicate matters :thinking:

A fully modded PTP Lenco may get a sniff at an SP10, but std 99 is little more than armless L75, Techy all the way.

AM looks like Classic kit.

Looks like the classic.
Great arm will be a decent step up on OL
Agree with Mark SP10 will out perform the G99.
Get that Audiomods on the SP10 mate.

Nice arms. I still have my Series 4 Micrometer arm for future use.

Useful website


:+1: Exactly as I expected chaps.

I shall faff only the once :smile:

If the path to wisdom in middle age is through endless faffing, surely a turntable demands that maximum faff requirements are strictly enforced. You must try both arms on both decks to achieve your nirvana.

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But will always have that nagging doubt about the other option :grinning:


We look forward to the photos of the said combinations and endless VTA possibilities.

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I am under no misapprehension that the VTA (on both) will be too high and the choice wrong.


That is not faff


Is it any good now fitted?
More pictures needed.



No beer, no LP? :crazy_face:


You barely know me but I’ll take that.

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Both Sir, can’t let standards slip you know.