Which Games Console?


Do they have accessories for that now?


For 4k gaming the Xbox One X looks the best choice.
At 1080P i’d just plump for Xbox One S.
Re: Sony - I’ve owned PS1, 2 and 3 - came to the conclusion I just prefer Xbox. The online service is vastly better and so are their controllers.

Ultimately though choose the console that has the games you want to play (or one that you can join in online with your mates on :rofl:)


I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to spend as much as the XBox One X costs. The S looks good and there seem to be reasonable deals on it.


Makes perfect sense to me Pete.
IIRC you don’t own a 4k TV and games on the S will still look pretty fantastic.


I’ve never done the online multiplayer/coop thing so don’t know how their services compare I just don’t have time between music and film, only single player stuff for me.

If Pete’s coming from PC multiplayer then Xbox One S/X is cross play with Windows 10, so everyone came still play online together, that I do know.


Almost all of my Xbox gaming is online with a small band of friends from North Wales i’ve known for years. I avoid voice comms with strangers - too many arseholes out there.

We have a Nintendo Switch and Wii U in the house too, mainly for the kids. I must say Nintendo’s best games are simply masterpieces. The design, artwork and game play of their AAA titles puts all others to shame IMO.


I haven’t played on the PC for several yeasrs now.

I suppose I could just spend the money on a graphics card. I just fancied a console for a change and they’re convenient.


Problem is it wouldn’t end there. You’d end up upgrading the whole shebang!
At least on consoles it’s a level playing field.


I did that recently anyway! The rest of the PC is a good spec (Kaby-lake, 16GB, SSD, etc.)


That’s good - you haven’t got time anyway :wink:


Grrr… still waiting for caps. Have started on the rest.


Very much this.

I found myself just walking about the mountains in Far Cry 4 rather than getting on with the game - the level of detail is extraordinary and there is elephants :elephant:

There’s also a good number of Xbox 360 games that are backward compatible but they usually need hefty update before you can play them.

If you do plump for the One S I can pass a few games on if your interested - currently having great fun with Watchdogs.

Actually that’s not a bad idea - a swap shop for games ?


Finished watchdogs 2 on PS4 not long after return from SanFran.
Great fun.


Finished The Last of Us recently, absolutely brilliant game.

Thinks it’s only on PS though.


Looking forward to playing that Steve - the first one is brilliant.

Looking forward to Assassins Creed Origins - a return to greatness hopefully and Far Cry 5 which is out on Feb


Was good on ps3
Well recommended.


I played it on PS4 as never got round to it on PS3, even though I was being told how good it is frequently by a mate.


Ended up buying new graphics card for the PC instead. :grinning:


The end


I doubt it, it’s probably old hat already.