Which non-alcoholic beverage are you currantly enjoying?

Chez Cameron Toll, it’s too wet to visit the herb garden so it’s Pukka three mint tea with a spoon of…


‘Non-Alcoholic’ - does not compute.:thinking:

Are there Currants in it? :thinking:


:grinning: Knew my punning would catch me up.

A good alternate for later is Pukka elderberry and echinacea…

        rich organic embrace tingling with fruity warmth.

Or a fruit smoothie on a warmer summer day.

the only Pukka I know makes pies


Yorkshire tea.

Bloody lovely


I should have given equal weight in the title to the equally important question

               and what biscuit do you dunk with it?

Dunking is not rong. It’s the perfect restoration of food dried for storage to full moisture and flavour.

With mint tea it’d generally be organic gingers for me. :face_with_monocle:
But the honey replaces them.

I didn’t know they grew tea in Yorkshire

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Climate change innit


I drink Dorset tea.

Moving on now to Clipper organic T-bag with organic whole milk, Aldi set honey, and the Emperor of black tea dunks, the fig roll.

Requires at least a 10 second dunk to rehydrate the fig. The casing easily survives such immersion. :ok_hand:

sainsburys beetroot drink …

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Must give that a go as my digestion settles down.

Previous attempts turned everything crimson overnight with messy results. :no_entry_sign:

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A lovely mug of tea.

Aldi Specially Selected Colombian Instant Coffee - best instant available imo.

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Thanks, will be getting some for guests. :+1:

Wayward will be along in about three weeks once he finishes making his cup of coffee.


To complete the trio/sextet of current faves - evening sees me move to a 250 ml mug (cuts down microwave visits) - reduced salt yeast extract with oat biscuits. Reduced salt vegemite equally acceptable.

Image result for sainsbury low salt yeast plus

Mo’ great dunkin’.

I tend to oscillate between Yorkshire tea and Lavatza cheap shit coffee in a cafetière.

Really need some decent cold, flat, non-alcoholic drink options now that we’re into August. Getting through a lot of milk right now.

Brain failure, I’ll have to wait for a hot day here to remember.

On the milk, I realised too much just in tea was making me throw up, 10x on the worst day.

So experimenting with oat milk (not so good), almond milk’s now preferred. Main trick is to give the milk 30-60 secs in the microwave. Pre-warming prevents it from separating in tea.

Kefir milko for hotter days.