Who will buy my wonderful

…golf glove.

This is your chance to own and cherish this historic piece.

This glove belonged to Bmtell (formerly of this parish) and it is believed to have been worn by him when he played his first round with the captain in order to gain membership.


What size ?

I hope everyone is aware that I have actually felt tipped a perfectly good footjoy glove, in order to make a cheap quip at Bm’s expense. :slight_smile:

No photoshop in this house…but plenty of felt tips and crayons.

Have you got any info on the hours it has been used for?

Do you have the original reciept?

Has it been serviced in the last 12 months?If so who by?

Are you open to offers?

Are you open between 12 and 6pm Easter Sunday?

What’s it made of?

Do you have the right hand one?

Last question,what is it?

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Simply amazing he can still wield a golf racquet without serious pain with having such an overused bumfinger.

Enough of your haggling bool-shit. Do you want it or not?

I’ll take it if you can also supply the chutney cupboard


Roundhouse '78? Or was it '77.


Price and location?

It was definitely '69 after the single ‘Sniff my glove’ made it to number 2.

Coat and hat deployed…

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There has to be a porn James Bond film called this.

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You want to buy it quick before it dries out.

I can wrap it in clingfilm and hermetically seal it in an old flora tub to ensure freshness.

I don’t mind a mature patina.


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Bmtel? …Cheap and Northampton. :slight_smile:


Has it been retipped?