Windows 10 Pro

I don’t really know how to describe this, but here goes.
This morning, on boot up, it doesn’t render? images correctly.
All pages to do with Windows, including Outlook, Edge, File Explorer, anything Windows based, is just showing mostly the frames of things, and maybe some frames inside the page, but most images are not there.
Never happened before. I have rebooted three times; no help.
I have installed Chrome, and thing opened in/through Chrome, seem to be working fine.???

If you can get device manager up, you could try disabling the graphics card. It should revert to basic vga, then you ‘scan for new hardware’ in device manager and it should reinstall the graphics drivers.

Or try safe mode start up first - you’ll have seen all the ‘shoulda’ in that first para…

Understand, but why would Chrome work fine, if the graphics card was at fault?

Device manager or task manager only shows the frames, no text.

Music apps , like Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon music work fine.

After another half a dozen reboots, it is working fine.


I had this same issue with a windows update last month. Had to roll it back to before the update. They must have resolved it as since then it updated and didn’t produce the same weird display

Windows has loads of services that have to all be running - I had a machine that killed a weird one, the keyboard stopped working in ‘core’ windows apps, but worked elsewhere. Chances are it was a service that was failing but, for whatever reason, is alive again


Many thanks for trying to help.

Everything was running slow/Roon was dropping out on my notebook PC so I restarted it about 15 minutes ago. “Can’t find operating system” or some other similar bollocks came up. Several minutes of rebooting/turning it on and off again made no progress. Disconnected everything, undocked it, still “Can’t find operating system”. Turned it off, went for a piss, came back turned it on again and it booted perfectly into Windows.

Feckin’ odd and very annoying.

Lockdown gremlins.

Doesn’t bode well. Make a restore point!

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This is a POS work machine. I’ll settle for it dying on it’s arse and accepting the inevitable emergency replacement…