Winter Blowout + Additional Blowout sale at Dutton - Vocalion. Good Label for Brit Jazz & plenty of real Billy bargains to be had!

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I visited the Vocalion site, to see if there was owt to tickle my fancy.

They currently have two sales on. “The Winter Blowout Sale” + “Blowout Sale”

There is quite a lot to sift through, unfortunately, with heaps of fairly middle of the road everyman/populist fare big band type stuff. I found it most manageable selecting desktop mode on my Tablet’s browser & setting to sixty items per page, rather than the default twenty, which wuz tedious with constant page advances.

There are however some real choice & quite classy offerings & more than a few at ludicrously cheap prices.

Here’s what I bought. >>

I do already have Playtime, albeit only in the original release format, The version here has an additional five track session I don’t have so seemed well worth it at only three ‘smackers’. I also have the earlier release of Troppo on the Argo label, but Vocalion are noted for the quality of their mastering on these rereleases, so for only 99p nothing to lose. It is an excellent album & whichever becomes surplus will make a really nice future gift.

All the above were 99p, with the exceptions of. “Playtime” @ £2.99, the William Russo/Kenny Baker twofer also @ £2.99.& Amoncio D’Silva’s "Konkun Dance @ a princely £4.99. (This last is a classic which usually runs to at least a tenner delivered. Indeed this is the case for the lions share of these usually costing considerably more.

The two Garrick albums really are ludicrously cheap Mr Smith’s Apocalypse has my appetite whetted as it is an interesting album, with a great lineup.

I’m also just gonna point out a couple more notable offerings, which I already have + a couple of added pointers which may speed up your trawling.

These two twofers are really good & come highly recommended by me.>>

Midnight At Nixa is the star of the show from this first. “Jazz Today - A Session For Kicks” is not what I would call classic Brit Jazz, just a little to derivative & none original for me & perhaps too much of a ‘ragtime’ pastiche thing going on for my tastes. Only 99p again though.

Two quite strong albums here. Jazz at Toad Hall being quite a favourite of mine. Quite a lot of Brit Jazz notables here including the likes of Don Rendell. Only £2.99 for this.

There are several additional Michael Garrick albums with one or two quid off + Joe Harriotts classic Hum Dono has some money off in both main physical
formats. The rest of the offerings are nearly all on CD from my recollection.

My order, amounting to 12 original release albums packaged as eight individual orders came in at £15.92 + £3.50 postage.

I didn’t see it stated, how long these sales run for, so if anyone does spot this info anywhere, please put in an update 'ere.

Eeeeek, LOL I just realised I’d neglected to pop in a linky. :blush:

Dutton-Vocalion website here


From past experience with their classical sale offers, they usually last about a fortnight. As you’ve discovered, the pricing can be really good - fiil yer boots !!

8/8, would read thread title again. :ok_hand:

Cheers Mark. Had quite a sweary day at the feckin spellfucker yesterday & had to do loads of re-edits on Vocalion coming out vocation. Just now caught it trying ter change feckin into decking. Sweary into sweaty just now too.