Wireless earbuds

I’ve just tried a pair of Sennheiser Momentum Free earbuds, and to be frank they’re pretty shit…

Although the sound is detailed, it’s very thin and bass light, and I’m just wondering whether to give a decent battery life, they just cut the bass down??

Any thoughts recommendations?

I’ve got a pair of the Bose sport wireless ones for running and have been surprised by how good the sound and battery life is.

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I don’t get on with buds at all. Unless I ram them down my ear canal I never get any bass and then of course they are painful.


Get pretty good bass out of my

I like bass heavy music and the Sony’s do a pretty good job. I find the trick with IEMs is to get the right tips for your lug holes

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They look a bit bulky, could you jog in those?

I don’t mind the ones that don’t go in the ear canal either, but supposedly these types give better sound quality??

These ones. They don’t have to be rammed right in (oo-er!) and I run many miles in these. You can hear your surroundings a little too which is helpful when you’re running late at night etc.

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Thanks, yes I’m narrowing the selection down to these or perhaps the Jaybird ones… :+1:

The Sony’s I’m not sure I would

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There are a load of sub £20 beats knockoffs on amazon and ebay - some as low as £10 I had a pair and the sound was alright -bass was a bit fruity but to stave off boredom in the gym they are adequate.
Unfortunately mine have just gone tits up after just under a year - but for the price that’s not terrible and works out at about £1 a month for something that I use most days.
Am eyeing up some shure se215-bt1’s but sneaking the £130 purchase price past the other half after the recent amp purchase is proving problematic - especially as all the bills have gone up because new tax year…

This might be a silly question but can you demo wireless earbuds anywhere? A lot of them are quite pricey and wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money without knowing what they sound like.

only time I’ve ever managed that was at a hifi show in London.

The Internet and DSR and your friends

DSR means I can return even if I’ve opened the box and then just say I want to return it?

Should do
It is what I did with Bluetooth headphones
Check small print first
Someone like Amazon have very consumer friendly returns policy

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