Wireless headphone recs

Thanks Nick.

Ordered a pair of these yesterday, I’ll let you know when I have tried them.


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I see you went for the assurance of a What Hi-Fi 5⭐ winner.

Sensible lad.

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Yes, I saw that and without another thought bought them :roll_eyes:

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They look ok, but why name them after some horrible skin disease? :thinking:

Haha, yes I thought that :thinking:

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FLOTUS surely ?


Still wondering about a set of these for when I’m in the workshop; they also do a pretty good job of blocking out background noise

My son has asked me for advice on wireless noise cancelling headphones :pleading_face: He is looking at these.
Any experience with these or thoughts or alternative recos? :thinking:

I bought my daughter a pair of those Sony’s 2 years ago for Xmas, she raves about them still and cites them as the best present she ever got, never off her ears

They don’t sound like my hifi but enjoyable listen and she loves them, cute mute feature is cool too

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worth shopping around if not in a hurry - I got mine from john lewis for the extra guarantee but could have found them cheaper if I had googled

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The Mk4 have just come out so should be some clearance deals coming on the Mk3 you linked to.

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Keep an eye on Richers if there is a new model coming out

That should have been directed at J_B

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Price drop

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Thanks Kev.