Wireless kitchen speaker

I’ve got a Pure DAB radio in the kitchen which is mostly fine… Apart from DAB reception being patchy at best; if atmospheric conditions are Rong there’s no signal.
So as we’ve got relatively decent internet, what’s the most versatile wifi speaker that costs £fuckall? It’ll mainly be BBC radio, don’t currently use Spotty/Tidey/Deez etc due to being mean, but would be nice to be able to stream from Apple and Android phones as well as streaming radio with the possibility of adding Google Play etc later.
I’ve looked at the SONOS 1 but this seems to have issues with BBC radio playback, especially using an Android based device to control it, JBL Link 300 (dodgy not updateable firmware?) and LG WK7 (available at £99 with “Meridian technology”).
Waddy’all think?

My Sonos plays BBC radio fine.

I have a Yamaha WX-030 network and bluetooth speaker which is pretty versatile, sounds ok and the software is decent enough.

What about Android control? And is it the Play or 1?
And does Alexa listen to everything you do and send the Police round the moment you say “Brinks Matt robbery”?

I use Alexa or the app on Android or iPad, it’s pretty solid whatever. Sonos is a good system.

From what I understand BBC Sounds and iPlayer aren’t yet compatible with Sonos and Android…
Though live radio works.

You can get live or catch-up BBC radio through the on-board radio thingy. It’s not “Sounds” branded (yet?).

I’ve never had any problems with it. I probably use the Sonos more for radio 6 than anything else.

Just get a bluetooth speaker and stream whatever you want from your phone/tablet

I’ve got a B&O Beosound 1 in the kitchen - it’s awesome, and looks like a posh thermos flask, which confuses visitors no end.

Sadly it costs a smidge more than £fuckall.

I also have a Beoplay A1 and that thing is more sanely priced and sounds spectacular.

Like the idea of the Beoplay but don’t want to have to Bluetooth using mobiles… Runs the battery down just when I need it, and exciting as the Beosound looks, £1250 is £shitloads…