Wireless & wired router reco's please

The current router (a black plastic TP-Link thing) is getting very flaky.

Recommendations please.

People tell me that DrayTek are good?

Must do both 2.4 and 5 GHz.

This is a can of worms, isn’t it?

I use a none wireless Draytek and unifi for wifi.

Had been very stable.


Draytek plus mesh devices of choice (we use BT thingies).

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I think the most important thing is to separate the router and the WiFi access point. Use a mesh system for the latter - Unifi, BT, Google, Netgear all meant to be good.

I have that and my old router, an Asus WiFi thing, is fine, I just disabled the WiFi.

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I now have a Ubiquiti edge router X (£55) and TP-Link deco m5 mesh (130 for 3). Seems to work well. Put your old TP-Link into modem mode if you need a modem (I’m now on fibre so I don’t need one) and away you go. The edge router isn’t the simplest to setup but I asked for help on the forum and got a step-by-step guide within minutes and it is tiny - fag packet sized


Draytek, Netgear etc

Mesh is the latest trend, bit like pourover coffee, and wrist watches.

Depends on your property and where you want to reach. Mesh proved completely inappropriate in our house in extending our network out to the garage. For in the house i reply on a Netgear Router that does both my wired connections and my WiFi. We have about 60 odd devices on our network, most are wired with about 20 wifi. The router is fine and give us great performance.

Use mesh if you need it, otherwise save your money on a decent all in one.

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I have been reaching the same conclusion.

My house is small and has tissue-thin walls.

Think I’m going to go for an all-in-one, including modem (they’re currently separate). Cut down on the box count and electricity.

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if you feel like a bit of future proofing you might want to consider a router that supports WiFi 6 (AX), which is the newest a standard. They arn’t that common yet, nor are devices that can use them (i believe the 10 and 20 series Samsung Smartphones do). They are also premium priced

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I would still suggest an enterprise grade access point tbh.

I just bought an Amplifi HD last week and in the typical style of an impatient twat I ignored everything I do at work and went “ooh shiny thing, must have”

If you just want to have a single SSID on 2.4 and 5 GHZ it’s fine and you can have mine for £100, it was £140 from Amazon. The signal is very strong but I need a second SSID with it’s own password whereas the second SSID can only have the same password as the main one.

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Kind of wondering why it isn’t festooned with antennae like all the others on Amazon :thinking:

Ah I read the blurb now.

So it kind of broadcasts to ethernet over copper, where the endpoints are WiFi antennae.

I think.

So? What (from nothing suggested here) did you get?

Nothing yet.

The plan is one of these

but given that it’s so critical I’m slightly leery of mucking about with it unless it’s absolutely necessary.