Working hours in the NHS

We are baby sitting for our granddaughter. DiL left home at 06.30 to get to work at 7.00 as a midwife on a 12 hour shift.

Son and I are sat here at 22.30. She is still at work. She’s text to say she’s ok but she must be knackered.

Last time this happened was when some one turned up to collect the new mum and baby with obvious safety issues, I didn’t ask.

Oh, and she’s 5 months pregnant and suffering from sever insomnia.

Worried sick.

Edit - She’s home xxxx


There’s a discussion over on PFM about the desultory pay rise that has been offered to the NHS, one of the points raised was that nurses etc work long hours of unpaid overtime, despite being eligible for overtime pay.

Obvs no one who chooses to be a nurse or midwife is going to walk off a ward in the middle of a resuscitation or delivery, but they should get paid for their extra time.

I did ask why they didn’t get paid, whether they’re discouraged from claiming or if there’s another issue but didn’t really get an answer.


my wife is a nurse, her official paid hours are 7am - 7pm (or 7pm - 7am if she’s on nights) her actual hours are more likely 6.30 - 7.45 meaning over an hour unpaid overtime every shift - mainly because handover is not ‘budgeted for’. Occasionally she will have an emergency and have to stay later which is ok and understandable but never paid for.
For a profession that keeps people alive to be regularly treated like this while being paid far less than a plumber, or plasterer (not to knock those professions but…). Well all I can say is that those in power are cuntish to a massive degree.


I tried to provide an answer to this but someone on their kept twisting my words and playing politics about unions so I didn’t bother elaborating further. I stand by the factors that I outlined as reasons.

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12 hours is a stupid shift length for such difficult jobs. The fact we are so massively short of staff shouldn’t allow the cunts in charge to expect the staff to pick up the slack




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someone on their kept twisting my words

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