World War 3

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Finland has formally stated its intention to join the nato alliance.
Well done Putin, you’ve really amalgamated Europe and far from securing Russian domination, weakened it considerably. Not that nato is a war mongering institution, but its ability and capability has swelled because of your paranoia and land grabbing ambitions. A silly move that has put relations back many, many years.

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Even if these progress, it’s likely to remain symbolic, because Turkey can, and probably will veto Finland and Sweden’s entry -

Albeit there may be other mechanisms.

As long as we can isolate Putin and his regime, he has two options, come out fighting playing the victim or accept the nato countries won’t tolerate him fucking about. World peace is in his hands, if that’s what he wants. Horrible ambitious, paranoid, manipulative little man, I hope his arse implodes.


Hear - fucking - hear! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Yes, BBC world were talking about this
US came out and said no one state should be able to block a sovereign state seeking valid / viable membership.

I guess some unrelated silver may cross Turkey palms at some point… job done.


The whole situation and history of the Kurds is complex and the West’s attitude to them has changed over time but is on the whole pretty shameful.
The West (NATO) has been guilty of turning a blind eye to the way Turkey has treated them and not treated with them over the years. Turkey opposing Finland and Sweden’s membership over this is laughable, but then I think NATO has ignored the Kurds as it quite likes having Turkey as a buffer state against Russia in the same way that Turkey were quite happy to have the Kurds as a buffer against ISIS

The veto has always been there, but there seems little clarity amongst pundits as to its full scope. If you divert from core protocols, you harm an organisation’s credibility, so it must be dealt with correctly.

There’s no ignoring that Turkey is a valuable buffer between the west and various kinds of militancy and extremism, but it is of course tremendously tainted by its own actions during the Erdogan era…

Personally, I side with those who assert that the more closely aligned it is with the West, the better it will ultimately be. Its human-rights backsliding in the years since its hopes of EU entry were dashed for good may certainly not be coincidental…

Fucking shameful. Seen to remember in Syria and Iraq it was a case of, thanks for the help, just going to leave the Turks to fuck you over now, bye.

Erdogan is a bad lot. I used to regularly visit Turkey with work a few years ago. Our office in Istanbul had a big portrait of Kamil Ataturk, but not Erdogan! My business contacts - middle-class professionals living in and around Istanbul - were certainly not fans.


Well … Historically Turkey and before that the Ottoman Empire has rarely been an ally of Western Europe and particularly in the case of the the Balkans and Greece entirely the opposite.

I rather suspect were it ever to come to pass that NATO had to invoked Article 5 that Turkey would be at home in bed and send in a sick note.

As a NATO buffer … Turkey useful, Finland and Sweden significantly more important strategically.

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I was surprised they joined in 1952!
That early!

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Handy place to pop some short range nukes. Later removed as part of the deal over the Cuban missile crisis, although well past obsolete by then.

I should add it also pretty much kept the Soviet Union out of the middle East and the oil fields as well as ensuring access to the black sea.


A Russian wife turned to her husband and asked,

So, what’s this ‘special military operation’ our glorious leader keeps talking about?

Her husband replied,

It’s a proxy war between Russia and NATO.

Oh, right. How’s it going?” She asked.

Well,” he replied, “…so far we’ve lost 24,000 soldiers, 4,000 tanks and APCs, 200 aircrafts, 160 helicopters, more than 3000 other vehicles, and our Black Sea flagship along with 12 other naval pieces…

Wow! What about NATO?

They haven’t turned up yet!


Ukrainian soldiers reach Russian border


Long read

Confirmation from the Orcs’-mouth of what we’d always supposed:

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Fecking insane

That darkening outside is a pig the size of a B-52 taking wing;

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