Wrong valve supplied

I ordered a pair of Tung-Sol 6SN7GT valves and plugged them in. After the amp warmed up I noticed they seemed to be glowing brighter than the pair for the other channel.

I switchedf the amp off and then noticed that I had been supplied with 6SL7GT.

Are these a viable substitute?

Should I ask the retailer to provide the ones I ordered?

No. The 6SL7 is more like an octal ECC83 compared to the 6SN7 which is more like an ECC82

Yes. ask for the correct valves to be sent.

Not even close. As Guy says, they’re very different and could cause damage to amp or tubes. Get a replacement.

Thank you I’ll speak to hotrox tomorrow.

I complained and they sent me a pair of Electro Harmonix 6SN7EH not the Tung-Sol 6SN7GT ordered.
So I will have Tung-sol GT’s on the left channel and Electro Harmonix EH on the right channel.

Do I keep them or send them back?

They are the gold pin Electro Harmonix 6SN7EH version if that helps.

Your call. Have they stiffed you on cost?

No, a straight swap. I know the Electro Harmonix are significantly dearer.

I just don’t want a different sound on each channel.

Mix em up ?

Yes, assuming the amp uses two per side, just use different types so that each side is the same.

The standard EH ones are not great in comparison to others I have tried. I’ve not tried the gold pin ones though.

Sounding great