[WTB] Audio Note AN-V retermination

I’ve got a pair of AN-V from my “foo period” and one of the connectors needs a complete retermination - the conductor has completely snapped off from its solder joint.

Apparently this stuff is an absolute shithouse to do (dielectric and AN things), so I’m happy to pay for the time and inevitable swearbox contributions.

Please hit me up if this is within your means.

Sounds like a job for @J_B :wink:

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Send it over… And yes, it’s a fucking nightmare to work with.


I have just the thing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Cold weld?


Are you worried that with Brexit the bottom will fall out of the second hand foo market? Whoops, too late :nerd_face::laughing:

Ha, you must be joking. I could retire off this.


Scene in pawn shoppe:

Proprietor: [Sucks in air through teeth] “ooh I dunno mate, maybe 12 months ago before the reactionary twats sold this country down the river, that might have been worth a few bob… the best I can do is a monkey and I’ll throw in these commerative common market china plates”

You: Sob :sob:

Easiest way to re-terminate a 750mm AN jap silver interconnect is to start with a 1m interconnect…
You put a soldering iron near the conductor and it disappears before your very eyes.


At risk of accusations of shilling I have some very high quality solderless screw-terminal RCA plugs which might just make this legendarily wretched job tolerable… Drop me a line if any use.

They’re never worth a shilling.



Part of the problem is that each strand is coated with polyurethane which needs to be removed before a joint can be made & which doesn’t lend itself to a purely mechanical connection. Smallish tip and as low a temp as your solder will allow is the answer.

Sadly, I don’t think that’ll work as it’s a litz with individually enamelled strands. You need to burn off the coating.

Wow - that is even more nightmarish than I realised! Bonne chance mon amis - you’re on your own! :no_mouth:

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Yeah, the problem is that the temp. required to burn off the coating seems to be about the same as the melting point of the material. (It isn’t really as silver melts at 961 deg. C, but it seems that it just leaches into the hot solder - remember, the new lead free solders melt at ~217-221 deg. C and most contain a fair percentage of silver. Go figure. Chemistry is weird.)

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Presumably using a solvent gives too patchy a result?

Certainly a case for using an old-skule lead-based solder.

I was really linking to the chemical dipping method.

Not the sort of language that one expects from a gentleman attired in plus fours.

One feels the need to communicate with the plebeian types in their native argot…


You did my silver tonearm cable was that the same. Excellent job.

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