WTB: Chord Hugo 2

The shiny thing will definitely make lockdown better, so I’ve reached a decision to buy.

Basically just checking that there isn’t someone who’ll go “shit! I had one in the cupboard that I was just about to chuck on eBay” 2 seconds after I buy new.


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Is the 2 much better than the 1

Ive heard neither

doubt it - but you can be certain the 3 will be better than the 2

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No idea sorry - I’ve only heard the 2.

The 2 is more expensive than the 1, so will be betterer.

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Doesn’t the 2 actually have some writing on it so you don’t have to guess what the buttons do?

The 2 has;

  • A remote
  • A desktop mode that means it doesn’t routinely frag the battery.
  • A control interface that can be learned in a minute rather than a day or so
  • You can plug the 2Go module into it.

Which are all handy

It sounds a bit better but that’s subjective.


Some of the early 1’s had terrible connectors.
Revised at some point to increase room to plug stuff in.

Get a Mojo :relieved:


The coax connector was effectively unusable, the others were fine and left as is.

Immediately, the moment that all the reviews pointed this out

‘Just about make the coax plug useable’ Is probably more accurate.


Hugo2 if you need the headphone and on the move shit. If you just want a good dac without all the extras get a Qutest.

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Primarily for headphones - anything else is a bonus.

Hugo2 then if looking at Chord. It appears to be the Qutest with headphone and mobile connectivity.
I have the Qutest in the main system purely operating as a dac and it excellent.

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You don’t get volume with it, hence the appeal of the Hugo. It is the cheaper option if you just want a dac.
My tt is my preamp and dac in my digital set up.


I can support this view Keith 1962 as the Hugo 2 for headphones is around 70% of my listening now and is hard to beat, a Quetest without headphones. Filters help headphone matching, red actually is closer to the Hugo 1 sound, would help using the filter with Sennheiser HD 800s. It is also a good pre amp in a home system hence it feeds my Michel l Alectos and PMC 22s. I can’t think of anything close to it certainly at the price.

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I’ve psyched myself up two days in a row to buy one and then chickened out because money.

You’re not helping :grinning:


This one? Probably get a bit off.
Chord Electronics Hugo 2 | Preowned | Audio Emotion

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Throw yourself a curveball, and buy some massive speakers


Sorry, I missed this.

Yes, I saw this ad, thank you.

I prefer the silver, plus things with batteries …

So if I pluck up the courage I’d be buying new.