WTB: Hi-Fi Rack/Stand?

Evening folks.
Wor kid is looking to replace his fugly Target Audio 5 shelf stand.
Before he spaffs silly money I thought it worth asking on here to see if there there may be an alternative available…
Anyone care to tout their unused/surplus (preferably reasonably stylish, not horrible shiny steel🤮) offerings for consideration?

Forum tagline, said nobody ever.


Or spelt, even! :wink:

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Not 5x shelves but if you are interested and can collect (south coast) you can have this for £200


That’s a pretty thing.

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Cheers Chris, but despite that being pretty much exactly what he is looking for I think 5 is the magic number, and South Coast collection might be a bit of a stretch form North Yorkshire! :cry:

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Fair point, well made!:woman_shrugging:t3:

Correct response is…


He might be interested…would you Post?:thinking::joy:

It will be a bollockache but PM me tomorrow when I’m less drunk and I may consider it.


Cheers Chris, I wasn’t being serious about posting, but as you’re offering I will run it past wor kid & see what he says. No problem if it is, as you say, too much of a ball ache!:wink:

Drink on dear chap, drink on!:beer::beers::clinking_glasses::wine_glass::tumbler_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::+1:t2:

they are great racks, you can buy additional shelves/legs if you need more

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I have an ash designs stand that would suit

Wood panels need a rub with wood dye and a polish but it’s a nice thing and shelve heights are adjustable

we are in leek so not too far from Yorkshire and not looking for much for it as it’s inthe way now


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Cheers Darren,
Appreciate the offer, but he’s after a wooden shelf rack.