Wtd. 1.5 m or 2m RCA leads

Ay up,
Looking for some decent RCA’s at 1.5 to 2m long.
Currently my 1.2m pair are barely long enough so would help to have a slightly longer pair.

Here you go

Or if you want needlessly expensive


I’ve got a pair of 2m VD RCA’s if you want them Tim, just put something in the AA toot tin and theyre yours.


I have a pair of The Missing Link “The Link Cryo” 1.5m, these are fitted with Silver Eichmann Bullet plugs.

If purchased new now these would cost £705 silly money, I’d sell mine for £200 if you’re interested.

It’s the fourth cable down in the link.

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mark makes some beautiful cables , thats a real treat of a cable

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I’m sorted now thank you