WTD: 12" tonearm

I’m looking for a 12" arm. Needs to be relatively inexpensive and should fit an SME slot. It is for use with an SP10 in a Panzerholst plinth and should be able to be used with medium compliance cartridges. What do you have to tempt me?

I’ll have a Groovemaster Titanium MKII available in a few weeks.


I have a Rega R200, converted using a 12" tube made to SME geometry.
Doesn’t need the anti skate.
Worked well on SPUs.

Going cheap!

Some pics

Counterweight is for SPU bodied carts or heavyweight headshell / carts, I could turn a similar lighter one.
It probably suits lower compliance carts.

As can be seen I converted it to a Cardas 5 pin connector.

Thanks for the offer but I’m really looking for an arm that was originally 12" rather than a conversion.

No probs

+1 for the groovemaster, I had one on an SP10 and it was really good. Didn’t use the SME slider but it was a piece of piss to fit and use.


Thanks to everyone who replied but I’m now sorted. An SME 3012 is on the way.


Nice result!

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