Wtd 240° 5 pin din to 2 rca

Anyone have one for sale, I only have the usual type ones. Struggling to see them for sale.

How handy are you with a soldering iron?

Really awful, seems most places just sell the connector and not the complete lead.

What’s it for?

70s micro seiki record deck.

I have one here, but I think it was from a naim pre to power, both ends 5 pin male.

Chord used to make din to rca for naim shite.

Naim use the 180 degree version, for Cunt Reasons.

will this work?

Has it got to plug in somewhere awkward underneath, or just in the back?

Just in the back

Looks right, I’ll have a further look here tomorrow. Recently binned loads of cables as they were never used.

or this one?

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Late 70’s early 80’s you could pop in to Woolies, Curry’s, Rumbelows, Dixon’s, WH Smith’s or Boots, for one.
Not to mention several independent shops too.
Quality - standard audio. None of this Audiophile bollocks🙂

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Can anyone tel me if this is 240° or 270° as this one fits.

Wth have 3 different types.

looking at this:

probably a 240

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Just found a crappy female lead to attach and it works fine til I get a better one :+1:

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Wednesday find?


Best left on the shelf… Full of woe

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