WTD: 64 bit iPad

I would like to get an iPad solely for controlling my Aurender.
The app works best with 64 bit iPads. I don’t know what generation date this refers to, but it may exclude some older ones?
Smaller screen please as It’s less obtrusive.
Condition relatively unimportant, price more important as it will be single use.

If anyone has one I’d be interested.

Any iPad Air or later or iPad mini 2 or later has 64 bit processors.

This basically means any iPad released on/after November 2013.

In terms of iOS devices generally (i.e. iPods, iPhones and iPads) any device with an Apple A7 or later chip will be 64-bit.

You can pick up refurbished iPad Mini 2 or later from Apple for around £250 with full warranty.

Seems a lot for a dedicated controller.
More after a neglected or abandoned old one.
Thanks though.

I might decommission mine and just by a really good new one… it’s just a bit large as a glorified remote!

£25 to the Toot Bazaar?

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Cool, you want to drop round and pick it up some time? Save a bunch of annoying postage.

Sure. I’m about until Friday but guests here until tomorrow.

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