Wtd: AI 300 MK1

I really fancy trying an AI300 MK1.

I’m not sure if they all had the MM / MC Phono stage, but that’s the one I want.

Anybody have one surplus to requirements ?

Ta, innit.


Mods! There has been a hate crime against the English language :anguished:

My one at uni only had MM with switchable 10k/47k impedance.

I live in Luton FFS, calm down.



Thank you. All donations gratefully received.

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Wait a minute, don’t you live in Liverpool ?

You’ve got absolutely no room to talk. I now consider myself most fortunate.

This. You could get an MC stage added in place of the MM, but I think it was most rare.

I have one that I bought for £100 that was partly deconstructed by its former owner. I was planning to sort it out, but in 5 years or more I still haven’t. Fancy a fixer-upper?

I have a house in Straya too so you are doubly winning.

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Who, me ?

Nice idea, but numpty incompetence reasons …

Yeah I think it needs a total rebuild, it’s not trivial.

I did really like the 300, I think they sound great. Was my first valve amp!

Is it complete Adam ?

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I think that everything is there, but he fucked about with lowering gain and possibly sooner caps are broken.

Any idea how much you would be looking for for it ?

You can have it for the £100 by all means. You’re welcome to take it away, have a look and decide if you want to bother or not. It’s just sitting in my basement.

Let me do some asking around and get back to you.

Why don’t you check it out when you’re here at the end of the month, and take a decision then?

Will do

The AI300 never had an MC stage. As someone said, they had a 10K/47K switch with the 10K better suiting some high output MC’s

Mine had a thing on the box for marking it as MM or MC. It was mentioned that it could be converted to MC. But I’ve never seen or heard of an MC one, was it just a vague plan that never came to fruition?