Wtd: Cambridge Audio CXN Streamer

Ideally the MkI, for cheap reasons, as I don’t know if it will be staying long.

Anybody have one they’re not using ?


Sorry. I don’t have one I’m not using.

I do have one of these :fu: however, that I’m not using that you can have foc :grinning:

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Noticed this one while looking for a MK2 the other day, no idea about going rate for one though.

Thanks for that Cosmo. I saw that one and will probably put in a bid when I see where the price is heading.

Prices seem crazy as the V2 was selling new for £799 on the Cambridge site.

Did you see this? Mentions that the RPi streamer (no DAC) is better than the V2’s digital output.

I have one! Message me

That guy’s writing style makes me want to hit him with a baseball bat.

But I’d like a display and I am to Software / Hardware tinkering what chocolate is to fire guards.

Right. I have a CXN. Sort of. It’s a beta prototype I was sent to help get it production ready. Few caveats.

You can’t buy it.
You can’t take pictures of it (long story)
I cannot tell you for definite if it will update to the latest spec. Principally because I haven’t turned it on in around two years (maybe longer).

If you are up for it, you can borrow it if you collect (I’m only in Newport Pagnell).


That sounds like a jolly decent (if not a tad furtive) option Ed, so thanks for the offer.

It would need to update, as I want to use it with Tidal, so would I be in trouble if I bricked it by trying to update it ?

I’ll plug it in here first and see what it does.

:+1: :pray:

Did you get one?

One here for £500 and it is a V2

I think it’s in hand, sort of, 'ish Cosmo.


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