Wtd Double width rack

The listening room is coming along nicely. Ceiling is painted and first coat of paint on the wall.
I have a couple of old racks that could house the system but I’d really like a double width rack with perhaps 4 shelves so there is plenty of space for gear. Anyone got anything not being used or any good ideas how to make one.


We made something quite solid with 36mm block worktop and 25mm threaded rod as the columns. Cap nuts on the top of the rod, bottom threaded for 8mm spikes.

The calcs showed it shrugged off a toddler having a 3G launch at the top shelf…

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@Rob988 built himself a really decent rack IIRC. Perhaps he will be along to to explain the process.



Came in under £300 iirc.

Worktops from:

The legs were oak turning blanks from eBay,

The spikes were from Amazon or eBay,

and the hex head screws to connect the legs and for the spikes to locate into were probably from Wickes.

If I were to do it again, I’d have the holes in the legs drilled on a lathe so that they were exactly central, and use a drill press attachment to drill the holes in the worktop so that they were properly perpendicular through.


take a look at this ebay shop - same people as Work Top express…


Thinking about it Simon, I did use their eBay shop.


i only found out chippie.shop on ebay and worktop express were the same by accident. I order the tops for our coffee table refurb from the ebay store, and when they were delivered, the delivery team said to me “we’ve got your Worktop Express delivery”. At first i dind’t think anything of it but some googling later told me chippie.shop and worktop of express are the same thing. I note there is a separate worktop express ebay store as well

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same address is also home to Gloucestershire Oak Kitchens

I’m splashing out and having a double width rack made. I don’t have a lot of equipment to store, but I would like to run two turntables. Work in progress

The turntables will be enclosed when not in use (which is about 99.9% of the time). The front doors will be spray painted to match the colour of the media wall opposite. I seem to have taken WAF to a new level.


Sounds like they’re close to achieving a monopoly.

Can’t fault them really though, although my 3m worktops were slightly parallelogram shaped rather than square on the short edges.

i really like them - they are always responsive, answer stuff promtly. We’ve had two lots of kitchen worktops from them and all the 5 coffee table refurb…can’t fault them.

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Interesting @Rob998 build looks brilliant
Rob how thick are the work tops you used.
Cool build

40mm Tim. They were fecking heavy!

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Did they cut them to size for you?

No, but I didn’t ask cos I’ve got a circular saw. They might do if you ask.

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worktop express and their various aliases all cut stuff to size.

I just had them cut a 3m 27mm rustic oak worktop into 5 pieces to refurb some coffee tables. They do charge per cut though. It is well worth paying for pre-oiling as that means less effort with oiling for first use.


Yes we got a table top for the kitchen by them cutting it from one of their bigger pieces, and they also delivered the big offcut.

Which is still cluttering up the garage


Lol, I pulled a 3 ft length of walnut stave worktop out of a skip a while back. My plan was to make it into a trolley stand for my Ooni pizza oven.

I had some chunky bits of 4x4 to use as legs and I was going to make a shelf from some decking off cuts to store charcoal, wood, gas etc…

The other day I got all the stuff together, and sort of dry fitted it together. Then realised it was going to be physically massive, massively heavy and impossible to store indoors through the winter. So I bought a couple of cheapo plastic trestles and plonked the worktop on top of them, and lo and behold, that’ll do the job, be easy to put away and useful for other stuff. I’ve spent a couple of days danish oiling it and it looks fab.

I did consider slicing it up into 3” strips, turning them grain end up and clamping them into a pretty impressive butchers block, but the pizza oven thingy takes precedence.