WTD: known good 7.5 inch Pre- recorded tape

Keen to try my Reel to reel on something that is known to sound great for xmas listening session - the tape I got from america sounds good but the hiss is unbearable - anyone got anything they dont like for sale that I might?

Also keen to get hold of a teac or Maxell metal reel 10inch to create a matching pair (shallow I know)

stereo 4 track to suit a Teac X10R

What kind of music do you like?

Most things tbh - the tape I got was moonlight sonata, Acoustic singer songwriter stuff, folk, blues, rock, is probably the mainstay of what I listen to but anything really - I get R2R is mostly clasical, jazz and crooners so happy with anything someone else has said is a good quality sound so I can compare to my LP set up and decide if I want to keep the R2R or sell it and buy a broken one (like the look of it:))