WTD Laptop for Xmas pressie

Hi All,
I’ve been tasked by Kate with finding a laptop for the eldest Granddaughter for use at School on a very tight budget. No more than £200.
Anyone got a decent spec laptop for sale that is in very good condition that might fit the bill or have any ideas as to something that would work.
It has to have a decent amount of RAM and a largish storage facility so something with a tiny SSD drive is out.


I would buy one with an SSD anyway, it’s so much faster than an HD in use. Get an external storage system if you really need it.

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This laptop with a 500gb hd is £165 or £225 with a 240gb ssd. If you are good with pcs, it also has an M2 card slot so you can convert to an M2 ssd card for the O/S with 500gb hd for storage for £190. Buy a 128gb M2 ssd card. Image the O/S from the 500gb drive to the 128gb M2 card. Tell the BIOS to boot from M2 card. Format the 500gb drive and set it up for all the user data and your’re good to go.

This laptop is HP business class so really well made and robust. Very light, reliable and fast. Mine is 3 years old and has never missed a beat.

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why? what is she doing that requires this? What OS does she need? Would a Chromebook suit? What SW does it need to run

It needs to be fairly quick.
They cannot afford to pay for monthly offline storage so it needs to store all files on laptop including pictures etc.
OS is flexible
It will need to run a variety of SW over its lifespan.
I doubt Chromebook would have enough storage space.

so no backup? total loss of all school work, sentimental photos etc is a risk then

Pictures don’t take up much space, it’s videos that can clog stuff up. And you can find loads of online storage for free - Google drive and photos, but many others too.

Chromebooks are great for casual use, but not so good if you have specific software needs.

I still think that a 128GB SSD will be fine unless you know they are doing video editing and the like. Then you need the SSD and a HD!

Don’t shoot the messenger I’ve just got to find a laptop something like for the granddaughter for Xmas along the lines of what her mum asked for.

All students would be well advised to have a folder with their current work backing up online automatically 24/7. Free Dropbox or Google drive will do the job. Archived materials can be backed up onto an external hd less frequently.

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Will advise mum along those lines.
Still looking