WTD MC Cartridge

Ay up
A new Turntable is arriving soon. An SP10. I’m planning on using an Alphason tonearm with it. However have no cartridge at present to mount on said arm.
So anyone got something they are not using that might be nice to try?
Not setting a budget at this point.

I’ve got a Koetsu Black I haven’t used for a while, was going to send it to ESCO for a checkup at some point, let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get it sent off for a check next week.


I have a Lyra Dorian you can try. Its got some life left although not brand new.

Think the IO might be outside the non specific budget for this year. :crazy_face:

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Could I interest you in a rather nice AT33PTGII that I recently bought from a rather nice chap on here ?