Wtd: MM cartridge

Continuing with my downsize, the Techie I can probably live with, but the 2M Red has to go :man_facepalming:

So, has anybody got a half decent MM cart kicking around that they want to offload :pray:

I implore you to take pity on a man that is currently listening to a 2M Red. This thing is probably worse than a 103 !!

Yep the Red is rubbish, put a Blue stylus on it? Massive upgrade.
Which Techy do you have?

SL1500c. It’s decent enough :+1:

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It’s a very attractive TT that is, wouldn’t mind one myself.

Agree with Rob the blue is way above the red.
The other idea might be to buy a new Audio Technica AT-VM95ML or AT-VM95SH both are brilliant carts and great value for money.


Tru dat :+1:, better stylus too.

Which is the better of the two Tim ?

Well they are both very good. But with different stylus shapes. The ML (microline) is probably a little bit easier to set up. The SH (shibata) is more critical that the set up is right to get the best from it. The SH has the potential to be the better cartridge but as I said it takes a bit more effort to get the best from it.
At the prices they are brand new both are brilliant value for money.


I currently use the SH, it’s very good and a terrific tracker. No experience of the ML stylus, though I’ll probably buy that when the time comes as it’s cheaper and supposedly lasts longer.
The reviews are very good.

It’s down to preference Mike, not heard those particular models, but I’ve had AT Shibata and Microline carts in the past, and I prefer ML. But my mate has had them too, and prefers Shibata.

The beauty is with the MM you could buy one whole cart and a stylus with a different profile and move the stylus you don’t like as much on for relatively little loss if it’s only had a few hours on it. Some dealers might even do you a bundle price rather than charging separately.

I’ve done a fair bit of reading on these now and will be going with the ML.

Do any of our local friendly site dealers sell these, as I’d rather give my money to someone on here, if poss ?

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Having bought a VM95ML, three weeks ago, on 2-3 day delivery, I am now informed that it won’t be in stock until mid March because of, you guessed it, Brexit reasons ! :confused:

Cancelled the order and will keep using my VMS30MkII for the foreseeable.

Nice cart the VMS, have you tried Moorgate Acoustics in Sheffield for the AT95ML, it’s where mine came from?

Nope, I haven’t and, to be perfectly honest Rob, I have now reached the can’t be arsed with it all stage.

The VMS is perfectly adequate until I can sum up sufficient arsedness. Could be a while :thinking:

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