Wtd: MM /MC Phonostage

Time to upgrade my Project DS Phono, so has anybody got something that’ll be an improvement, for up to about £300’ish ?


The buy back will soon be available

  • Heed Questar + PSU

  • MM only (but much foo inside)

  • Very good indeed with an appropriate SUT (which I may also be able to provide depending on your cartridge)

  • Minty and all original boxes (still got the plastic protection covers on the front panels)

  • Phonostage slightly over budget, SUT (if needed) by negotiation

  • :crazy_face:

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I remember hearing this a few years ago, thought it was very good indeed.

Yeah, I remember that.

It has done approximately 2 hours* work since then. :rofl:


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If you can find one, a Ray Samuels F—117 Nighthawk is excellent, usually go for around the £350 mark.

Thanks for the offer Paul. I’m ideally looking for a one box solution, but if one doesn’t turn up …

All sorted now.