Wtd Oris 250 horns

Long shot but has anyone got a pair of these for sale.

Might work if you squint a bit

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They’re about the same size!

I can sell you Oris Swings, if you ask me nicely!

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Fallen out of love with the Swings?

Not really but soon I will move to a smaller room with hardly any space for such a big speaker. Still they are gorgeous.

What size room do they need, If they are like Avantgardes you need to be a minimum number of meters away I believe for the sound from the drivers to integrate?

well certainly there’s always some distance needed - in my room they have 3 meters horn mouth to a listener position, plus half a meter behind to the wall

Thanks but i was just after the 250 horns i have a pair of Oleg Rullit 8 inch field coils and wanted to try them in some horns they are in open baffle at the moment.

Thats really interesting so you are using a pair of these? https://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/vt.mpl?f=hug&m=170078

Sounds like they wont make youe ears bleed like some Lowthers :scream:

Yes those are the ones and they are fantastic i have had lowthers and voxativ and these are better then both,in open baffle at the moment with 2 15 inch bass drivers.

I have tried a few of these types but always found them shouty but not come across this one before, German I belive like Voxativ.
This new Cube Audio Polish made full range has been getting rave reviews but not had chance to hear one.

KJF Audio in the UK has strated selling their bare drivers too.

Currently have Fostex FE206 full range in tall TQWT cabinets but they can get a bit hot in the treble but not as bad as the Lowther

When i was using lowther and the voxativ i filtered out the top end and added a tweeter to be fair the voxativ drivers were very good only changed them cause i always wanted to try field coils glad i did.Yes the cubes are supposed to be very good lots of good reports.