WTD - PCB's for soldering practice

Going to help my eldest build a Honey Badger amplifier, he hasn’t really soldered before so I am looking for some cheap/scrap through hole PCB’s for him to play with so that he can get his eye in.

Why not some veroboard?
Very cheap.

or one of the valve preamp or buffer kits off eBay, less than £10 and a chance of something at the end

Have you decided whether you’re going to use leaded or unleaded solder ? Most people find leaded much easier to work with. But if you ever plan to sell the item then it’ll not be compliant with the standards if it’s got leaded solder in it.


Had thought about veroboard but was more thinking about him learning to judge the amount of solder required to get a nice joint on both sides of the board.

I have got various boards for myself (B1, F5Turbo, F6, Whammy etc.) and the Honey Badger for him but are saving these for doing right first time rather than practice.

As for solder, I prefer leaded but did buy some unleaded from Maureen of Pinchbeck on the recommendation of others on here but not tried it yet.

Really just looking for scrap through hole boards to strip and re-solder.

Will definitely have a look on ebay for cheap PCB’s.

I’ve got a digital thermometer kit of PCB and all the necessary parts that dates from the 1980s I think. PM me your address and i’ll stick it in the post.

Very kind, I’ll PM you.