Wtd: Quad 405 MkII and 44 Pre

Quite fancy having another go with Quad pre and power, so, on the off chance somebody has a 405 MKII and 44, possibly 34 lying around doing nothing, I’d be interested.

Ideally late’ish models in good condition, the pre ideally having an mm phono card.


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Thanks for pointing that out but I’ve gone off the idea now.

Think I’ll put the money towards an extra therm of gas.

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Laughing gas bake-off?

Surely we should be all moving to energy efficient Class D amps😉.

Having just returned from holiday I was mildly ashamed by the amount of sockets I had to switch on to listen to music. Just for a moment.

My amp is all Class A so, embarrassingly, guilty as charged your honour :disappointed: