Wtd: Rega geometry arm

I’ve bought myself a nice condition Lenco G99 which comes with a Rega cut armboard.

I don’t really want to mess around swapping arms around, decks, so does anybody have a half decent Rega geometry arm they want to move on ?

I’d imagine there’d be a few of these unused and unloved in spares boxes :sleepy:

Thanks chaps.

I have a minty, boxed Origin Live Illustrious Mk II if you’re interested?

Nice deck, got any photos?

I would be Paul, but it’s likely worth far more than the TT :joy:

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I’ve got a Rega RB202 that I’ve had in the cupboard for years, I tried to rewire it years ago so the earth isn’t connected and one of the tags has fallen off.

£50 and it’s yours.

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I’m more than a bit technically challenged Chris :slightly_frowning_face: so while this is probably a bargain, it would be in the same state this time next year :thinking:

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All sorted, thanks.

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