[WTD] Small Floorstanders or Bookshelves&stands plus integrated amp

I want to put together something for my daughter’s 16th. Speakers need to be cosmetically good and boxed, preferably.

And an integrated amplifer.

Budget £350 ish for everything.

What’s kicking about?

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This and this.

Surely your daughter would want some streaming box and a nice pair of white Bose active speakers :smiling_imp:

I can do you some standmounts: Triangle Titus TZX plus Atacama Nexus stands all in for 150? There’s a couple of small marks though.

You could look at Superfi Clearance sale Mark. Open box and refurbished. Denon CD players and Intergrated Amps. Mission speakers. Or www.hyperfi.co.uk Denon Dm39 Dab Micro System £129.99 B stock.

Hmmmm ‘Titus’ what a lovely word that it… Titus…Titus…

Hi, I have a pair of Cambridge Audio Aeromax 2 in piano black, they’re mint condititon and boxed, £150 + postage.



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A pair of Snell Ks should work with a t-amp, I would think.

Always makes me think of the Mervyn Peake book :grinning:

I always thought about the Shakespeare play, but then I am rather unimaginative.

Some good suggestions, thanks.