WTD - solid state amp

Before I go and buy one of these *


is there anything else kicking around out there?

No need for fancy DACs, streaming or anything else, just a stereo amp.

Around a grand-ish, maybe a bit more.

If your amp and the word “vintage” could sit comfortably together in the same sentence then it’s probably not a go-er.

Thanks in advance.

* disclaimer, I have also been looking at last-model Naim kit, Nait XS 2, Supernait 2 etc.

I have some lovely ‘classic’ Marantz to offer :grin:


Actually, I have been offered a Marantz PM11 S2 for not much more than your budget

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Buy this -


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£650-875 seems a lot. I’ll have to look at component costs again :open_mouth:

In the thread it says the guy charges over a grand now!

At least it looks well put together.

The original builder is charging for his time which has the original price >£1k

Just going by the ones I built, there was roughly £400-500 in parts. They took me a weekend so I charged about £150.00 to build them.

Hence I sold the A30 for £500 and the A60 monoblocks for £1100.

I could happily knock a bunch more out but seeing as it’s a non commercial design etc I never felt all that happy asking £500+ to knock an amp together.

Parts prices could have gone up substantially of course.

I reckon if you were churning them out you could save on parts and time by quite a lot.

Having four stereo sets for the compression driver parts of the horns would be nice!

15w alephs ftw.

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Two 8-hour days and you’re on roughly the minimum wage. Of course if you kick off at 09:30, quit at 16:30 and take a couple of hours out each day for breaks then the rate’s a good deal better. But still not remotely
near what your local garage will charge for a mechanic. The silver lining is you might actually enjoy it :grin:.


Well, I never measured the amount of time to do it, it isn’t 16 hours.

And no, I don’t/wouldn’t charge true rates as it’s a hobby, I provide no warranty, and it isn’t CE marked.

Producing someone else’s design in a commercial way has no interest to me at all.

14.9W wasted though…

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45w because class A

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This thread is going great :+1:

So many shiny options.



Valve amp


Just what you are looking for, double the budget, no pre but shiny.

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So the actual budget. No one would be mad enough to state the real budget in the first post surely?

Hang on… what replaced it? :grin: