WTD - Suggestions / MM cart to about £ 100'ish

Hello chaps,your help needed.

I’ve been looking for quite a while now for a DL-160 cart, with no joy.

So, I’m looking for a DL-160 type MM cart for about £ 100 or so.

What I like about the DL-160 -

Tracks well
Very even handed, not harsh / bright
More ‘musical’ than ‘hi-fi’ but still fairly detailed
Kind to second hand LP’s

So has anybody got or happy suggest anything suitable ? It’s getting a bit critical now, as I recently shagged my main DL-160 and am now using my mid mileage spare.

I like the Supex SM100E Mk3, but nice ones are hard to find and new stylus’s are bloody expensive.

You may be lucky and find a good Goldring 1042. There is a Rega R100 on eBay at the moment, which if OK is a nice cart.

I’ve got a good condition G1042 with box etc I can sell for £150, probably has somewhere around 500 hours on it now.

Thanks for the offer Chris, but I’ve just about done the 1042 to death tbh (2 or 3 1042’s, Reson Reca, IQ2, IQ3) and would prefer something different if possible.
If I don’t find anything fairly sharpish, I’ll be back to you though, as they are good carts.

A few months ago I picked up a NOS Empire 2000e/iii which I’ve only put 10 hours on due to a change of deck. My first thoughts were that it was rather good. There’s a later NOS Empire 2000X for sale on AOS at £115 which you might want to consider. Some enthusiastic comments on the web spurred my interest but I haven’t spent enough time with the cartridge to become as enthusiastic as these guys:

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Thanks Paul. Just asked about it