Wtd - Supra ~3m LoRad Cable

Anybody have a Supra 3-4m LoRad mains cable going spare? I’ve a couple of shorter ones but since moving need one a little longer for the wanky Wychwood mains block.

I’ve got a Wychwood mains block and the power input is a C19 IEC, not the standard IEC. You might want to check. Maybe I have the Deluxe Wanky version?

It’s certainly a Norman IEC socket :grinning:

I can help you with this one Rob - still got boxfulls of Supra stuff. I need to have a rummage in The Cupboard of Shame and let you know…


Have you any Supra speaker cable left paul?

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Don’t think so Stu, but still a fair bit of Van Damme ‘Hifi Series’ stuff.