Wtd: SUT and/or advice - for IO1

I’ve been looking out for an A-N SUT to work with my recently-acquired IO1, but nothing has popped up, so I’ve started wondering if any of the others that are at or close to 1:50 might work ok.

I’ve seen vintage Partridge / BBC Vortexions etc, Hashimoto HM3 (1:40) or one I haven’t heard of before, a Hasegawa V81-G (though I’m not sure what the gain is on that, let alone whether it’s any good for an IO …) - but I don’t know if any of these are worth a try.

Does anyone have experience with alternatives to the A-N SUTs, and if so what works well (if any), or am I best just holding out for an A-N? My budget isn’t unlimited, so I’m not looking at new A-N. Anyone got something likely that they would sell?

Over priced AN S4 on PFM for £2K. This is the price of getting an IO with stupid low output.

Faff has no price. Faff is priceless

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You may need extra pixies in your cables then…

Talk to Intact Audio.
They will custom build you a sut to suit the IO ising copper or silver. I had a copper 1:80 iirc, it was very capable.
You can buy the raw transformers and diy them into a case or buy a finished unit.
Good sound and value for money compared to AN.

Cables aren’t really faff, more sparkly tat. I’m all for wholesome audio jewellery though. I’d like a nano grounding sceptre

As much as the step-up ratio it’s important to get the loading right for the Io. I get away with a 1:35 ratio because I have a particularly high gain preamp, but I had @coco put a loading resistor on the input of my phono stage to get the loading closer to the 1 Ohm that the Io prefers.

I have absolutely no idea what you people are talking about.

I am proud of my ignorance.


Good point, loading is important. I had loading resistors with mine.

With you all the way on that one :dizzy_face:

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That makes my AN Jap S6c worth about £3.5K :grinning:

What is a fair price for an ANS4 in good nick then? They seem to go for £1800- £2000 as far as I can tell. I ask because I have an ANS3 in mint condition (used for about 10 hours) that I’m considering moving on, although I’m most likely to trade it in against a new line stage.

Have a natter with Tom Willis, Art Audio 0115 963 7795
Tell him your IO’s gnat’s fart like output spec & he could wind a couple of SUTs to suit.
Will be in the hundreds as opposed to £1000s.

He could wind them with fully annealed pure silver wire (from Cooksons Precious Metals) which will be more expensive and so inevitably sound more betterer.

^^^^^ this

As important as the wire used are the laminations and how it’s wound.


indeed - a virgin’s thigh is essential for the winding, you can manage without a sacrifice to PQ usually though so don’t be fooled into giving up your first born:)

Went all round the houses & back again (just ask @coco) few years ago for an Ortofon Per Winfield.
Was loaned some SUTs but wasnt happy, humming etc.
Tom sorted it out… leaving change for a MM Vinyl 1.

Thanks all - much good sense as always.

Sounds like it’s almost as important to know my phono stage’s gain as well - a little bit more research there for me…

Has anyone ever tried a head amp with an Io ?


Get thee behind Satan!:grin:

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