WTD: World Peace

Another possibility for the gym room is a wall mounted tv for zwift etc.

Has to be slim. Max of [edited to 110cm] wide, and preferably modern enough to be able to connect up to cast to (not even sure how that works!)

It’s a gym telly so it doesn’t have to be oled! My old telly has a bezel as wide as the screen and is a tiny bit wide, sadly.

Roughly going to be a 50 inch max?

I have a Panasonic TH-50PF10EK 50 inch plasma monitor with Panny tilting wall mount which have just been taken off the wall to make way for a new 4k 65 inch panny oled

It is 1080p plasma panel with 2 x hdmi inputs, which should work with chrome cast or Fire tv stick etc

It is a pro display panel, so no in built tuner or speakers etc but it does have connectors for external speakers

Probably won’t work for you, but it is available

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Not sure I need any sound to be honest as it’s just a display for zwift or any other training app. The stereo will be the noise!

The main thing is it being slim and within size for wall mounting. I have seen some qled 49 inch that fit the bill.
Seems you can’t get 4K without a damn good graphics card, so 1080 may do me. Might be Apple TV from the iPad, which won’t do over 1080 anyway on zwift.

We had it connected to an AV receiver and a bunch of speakers hence display panel only.

It is 121 x 73 x 10 cm, plus the tilting wall stand makes it deeper, oh and it weighs a metric F tonne so will need a strong assistance move about and fit in place

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Was just checking that. At 40 plus kg it’s probably not going to work, sadly.
And I have revised it to about 110cm as I wont be able to access CDs in an adjacent rack if it’s too wide!

Bump for anyone upgrading or getting rid.

Just needs to be right size (circa 110cm wide), slim, and hd.

All sorted.