Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch

The next twat who says to me either"Nigel Farrage talks a lot of sense" or Boris isn’t really a buffoon, it’s just an act" is going to get a repeated penis punching and bollock bashing from me. Fucking idiots :dizzy_face:


So the volume control on the WD88VA was buzzing on one channel at the bottom of its range. Time for a change, while I was at it swap out the recommended change of first stage coupling caps for a nice pair of ClarityCap ESAs.

Tried shunt mode as there is far more gain than needed. Volume control then effectively acts as an on and off switch. Back up the stairs to the mancave it goes.

Swap to standard wiring with the shunt mode resistors in series to drop the level by 3dB. Wired in reverse. Back up the stairs.

And then the left channel starts running quiet. Back up the stairs.

Check all of the connections changed, all fine. Check the volume control, all measured resistances fine. Pull out hair (limited resource).
Discover that the shield for the left channel feedback wire is brusing the connection for the left channel cathode bias. Utter unspeakable oaths while rerouting.

Bring down stairs for the fifth time in four evenings. Play music…


Micheal Mcintyre and Bob Geldolf.


Entirely mandatory fer that pair of uber cunts!


Good call

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My home-office chair which is now so wankered, it is behaving like a gimballed unipivot rodeo machine.

I have identified its replacement through my frankly amazing office chair thread but I haz no monies :’(

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John Zorn’s most promising side - project, but he should have kept it as a single album IMO.


Take this as a positive and work on your core strength :+1:


The apprentice who, loading a small trolley up with 9 PCs (too many), ignored my advice of “put them in to this box so they don’t fall off”.

Obviously, half way down the driveway, he’s phoned asking for help because 4 of them have fallen off and the front panels have broken apart.

Evening and weekend work is now “required”.

Whose head is on a pole for letting it get that fucked up?

Strangely, nobody’s.

Take a punch in the cock, mgmt types.

Spelling correction: it’s not ‘apprentice’, it’s ‘liability’. Take it out of his wages.


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I’m sure they are protected by this sort of thing.

After a long and difficult campaign, we have now recovered £5k from the insurance (who initially offered a tenth of that), plus almost £23k from the bank, who failed to spot all the unusual transactions. This means that the net loss is under £5k (the news article understated the loss).

The fucker who did it can still have a massive cockpunch though.


As members of the PTA, surely you both got your cut still ?

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Was he Jailed?

This at the very least.

I’d sack the cunt.

This won’t get better - equal opportunities is fine and dandy, but if retarded kids want to do IT work, they should stick to designing Microsoft’s OSs…

Yeah, two concurrent 9 month sentences, out after just over 2 months

Ffs, that’s 14 grand a month :unamused:

I can’t see him being retained at the end of the apprenticeship period. I’d struggle to recommend him to anyone. He worked for Dell previously and he told me recently that one customer kept delaying a job, before eventually telling him “I just don’t want you in my house.”

On the positive, it is entertaining to drop Maltesers and other such “finger food” on the floor. He without fail, picks it up and eats it. I discovered this when I dropped a chip on the floor. Haven’t found where he draws the line yet. Crisps, Oreos and sweets like jelly beans have all passed our tests so far.


Toblerone works on me everytime…