Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch



The answer is venting your spleen on a hifi forum. In the future all protest will find a voice amongst threads about food binges and foo capacitors.

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Bring one of those Border Tarts and I’ll protect you :grin:

Bonio subtly pimping his son’s band.

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Underfloor heating can have a prize one, stupidly the GF’s son managed to switch it off on one of the coldest nights of the year, resulting in an overnight temperature drop to 15C.

It’s taken over 24 hrs but the hall temperature has still not passed 19C, despite it running non-stop…

Who would have thought that having to heat tons of concrete would result in a quick and flexible solution? :rage:

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So much this. Sure, you can still find a good ole fashioned rock based band with something to say but given that most on here found Oasis to be “shite” ( not my view BTW) even at their height, i think it is safe to say that most on here have outgrown youth culture by a considerable margin :slight_smile:

Personally i blame fucking ecstasy, bloody loved up drug of choice for the nineties!

As for other genres, it doesn’t take much of a look into say HipHop and its derivatives to find angry young voices.

Over here, grime doesn’t always go together with Barry Scott :slight_smile:

Here are are few more to check out.

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The book of faeces has lived up to its moniker, today I got an ad for colostomy supplies…

About time for another cockpunch to Maplin.

They have a sale on. The sale items can’t be posted - you have to find which store has them in stock and collect from there. The Maplin website says that the Reading store has just 2 of item A and just 1 of item B so I order these online last night and pay for them. I get an automatic e-mail back saying thanks and promising me another e-mail when the items are ready.

I expect the store staff to find my items first thing this morning and set them aside so I can collect today. 11:00 comes and goes. I check the website and it’s still showing that they have the items in stock (this is bad news - I’ve bought them, so the stock level should have been updated). I call Maplin customer service and wait in the queue. Eventually Denise answers, confirms my order and says yes, it should be OK to collect now. I’ve been here before, so I ask for the store’s direct line number so I can confirm that they have the items.

I call the store. The guy who answers says the order has not come through to them. I ask if he has the items in the store. He takes the first reference number and says no, they have none. He suggests I call customer service.

I join the customer service queue again. Music for a long time, then ringtone, then the phone’s picked up, then the phone’s cut off. I join the customer service queue again. Music for a long time, then ringtone, then the phone’s picked up. Michaela asks me how I am. I say fine and start to explain my problem. Michaela asks if I’m still there. Then the phone’s cut off.

I call the store and speak to the same guy. I suggest that since he told me very promptly that they didn’t have my items in stock he got that information from the computer. I would expect the computer to say ‘No stock’ because I’ve bought the items. Could he please walk down the shop and see if there are 2 of item A hanging on the peg. He replies immediately that he hasn’t seen my order and that there are none of item A in stock. He says I have to talk to customer service. I say I can’t get through to them. He says he will call customer service. Can I call him back at 12:15.

Thank goodness I didn’t waste my morning travelling to Reading. Pity I wasted it on the phone instead.

Rumour is that Maplin are going down the pan. It’s bloody obvious why.


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This is why I long-ago stopped using them - their DGAF game is Strong. Plus pretty much everything they sell is absolute tat. May as well buy it direct from China via thiefbay…

I really only use them if I’m in a rush (Reading, Newbury and Oxford are close-ish). One of the items is down from £34.99 to £13.99. The other is a compact, basic but functional stereo pre-amp kit for £3 for which my radiogram customer has a need - too cheap to refuse really.


I called back. Presumably customer service gave the store a bollocking. Now my stuff is ready for collection.



Must admit they were handy when I lived in the area - perfboard and those useful little Velleman mains-LED kits!

Mind, you could always guarantee they’d be out of stock of whichever fuse size/rating combo you needed.

Their stocking policy has ALWAYS sucked, and more than anything else is prolly why they’re going under.

Yes. I always try to call the shop before going, unless I happen to be going past anyway or the website says they have 20 in stock. Their fuses can be very handy but the problem is they don’t identify the manufacturer so you can’t check the I2t blowing threshold. The more I learn about fuses, the more I realise that this number is nearly as important as the current rating.


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Well at Ieast you didn’t blow a fuse. I would have done.

Jesus, idiots on Facebook market. Agreed to buy a sound bar from someone who lives basically just around the corner. I say when I can go, and he says fine. Then he’s out, and now he’s gone totally dark. He’s marked it sold - is that to me? If not, wouldn’t a simple message to say so be a useful courtesy?


Whoever thought naming ‘storms’ over here was a good thing.

Futile cuntery of the first water.


And so begins the new year gym membership spam email campaigns.

This cunt again: