Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Seem to remember there was a rough justice programme made on the case


Thanks for posting that up Gareth - absolutely horrifying.


I can confirm that going under that bridge takes some bottle.

I also viewed a BMW owned by John Actie who was trying to sell it. It was a dodgy situation / motor and I politely declined to make an offer. He had a real rep about town.

I know a few of the younger docks boys and they are hard blokes and real characters. They’ve got me into a few festivals gratis over the years.


To the uber cool driver of a rwd super cool BMW 5 series who tried to power his way round a roundabout this morning. Accelerating at the wrong time is going to lose your back end in this weather you fuckwit, the lamppost embedded in your nearside is not a good accessory. Hard lesson to learn, but at least it was only you involved in your expensive pirouetting extravaganza. Cunt


Back in the good books; rang Plumbworld, fessed up to being a stupid twat with my pop-up plug OCD adjustments. They laughed at me down the phone, but did send me a new one FOC! It arrived today, and it fits with the sides aligned proper.


Are you absolutely 100% sure it’s definitely aligned ok :wink:


Pics needed


Having done some IT work for DHL I know what an utter bunch of cockwombling thundercunts they are but they seem to be trying to lower the bar even further now…


Has the gravy train run off the rails?




Nice rhombus shape


Who asked jus?


Green ink for writing loony letters to the Telegraph?

“Obsessive Compulsive of St Albans”


Good point well made - as late as the 1930s people were being incarcerated in lunatic asylums for writing in green ink.

And rightly so :+1:


I thought everyone used a green pen?


There. That’s the mistake. Right there.



Sure we do, now just sit there for a minute while I get your nice jacket with the straps and extra long sleeves. :mask:


Sainsbury’s for not having any bread because of adverse weather conditions. =5cm snow.

Me for relying on a shit supermarket for bread.


Cockpunch to the weather for freezing my condenser pipe so the boiler won’t fire up (even with the pipe disconnected) The pipe runs for about 3m on the outshine wall and is totally frozen. I have no chance of sorting that out today. Will most likely have to wait for warmer weather next week and freeze my ass off over the weekend. :angry: