Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Use a hair dryer. Or disconnect the pipe inside the house and put a bucket under it.


Sounds like it may be 19mm overflow pipe. If you can be at all arsed will be worth re piping it in 1 1/4" waste pipe.

If it is already 1 1/4 then do it in 1 1/2" pipe.

That’ll sort you out.


In the longer term either move the pipe to the inside or get one of these



Looks like 1 1/2" already but the whole length of pipe is frozen solid I suspect. I can’t understand why the boiler won’t fire up even though I have disconnected the pipe. From what I have read water can force itself back into not the boiler if the pipe is blocked?


What is make and model?


Logic + combi 30


Is it giving a fault code?


Just ‘Ignition lockout’. I have a Logic engineer coming today hopefully (it’s under a 7 yr warranty) but I know I will almost definitely get stuffed with a bill as the issue was originally with the external pipe and not the boiler.


They’ll sort you out. You have been very unlucky for an inch and a half to freeze. H’s it got enough fall and not blocked?


Is it legal to run it without an external feed for the condensed water? Seems pointless an engineer coming out if not. I have a bucket under it at the moment but I think it will kick out a couple of litres per hour when it is running which will be an issue.

The boiler is on the first floor and the pipe runs across a flat roof extension so a pain to get to in this weather.

Anyway the engineer just called and will b h later so I’ll hope he can sort it.


Mine is connected to the bath waste.


Ours is connected to the kitchen sink waste. Our installers were going to run it outside but we said no.



It can be connected internally to the waste system. As a temporary measure to get you up and running… I suspect you won’t be the only person these next couple of days running it into a bucket. Not ideal (pun intended) tho.


As coincidence has it… just back from this call out.

Condensate exiting the wall in overflow pipe into a long flat run of 1 1/4 which has frozen.

Boiler pissing condensate internally as no lock out.



@Myrman … did you get it sorted?


I’ve punched myself in the gonads.

The girls have gone to see Wicked at the Hippodrome and they are reporting that there are no taxis in the centre of Bristol.

Our car is off the road after an MOT failure today and is waiting for parts.

I will now be cycling into town around 9.30 tonight to escort them home.

What could go wrong?


Get one of the Bristol AA crew to help you out?


It’s only a 3 mile walk on main roads, so doable in a hour. Plus don’t want to put anyone other then myself at risk. Hoping that taxis do appear at chucking out time…

Will be brewing up hot chocolate just in case. They are layered up to the max so should be warm enough.

If all else fails, we could check into one of the many hotels.


Yeah all sorted now :smile: Will.need to sort the outdoor pipe when the weather improves.


I think this deserves one!