Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I’m sure it would be nice toasted…:wink:


Gently warmed in the oven :+1:


Unreal,horrible cunt;


Agreed, hope he gets put into a suitable prison with plenty of people who will treat him appropriately.


Personally, I would donate him to the Somali community elders and let them determine his (short) future.


Cockpunch to ZA for not learning the lessons of (recent) history…

Zimbabwe should have proven once and for all that two wrongs don’t make a right…


Feck, I didn;t even know this was on the cards. This is all going to go very, very wrong. The Boer farmers will not think ‘ok, fair enough. We’ve fucked you over for so many years, but yes, you can have everything I’ve got’. This will not end well.


Guess it’s difficult to be pragmatic when you’ve been the wronged for generations.


Whatever the rights and wrongs this could get very messy.
Who is going to end up owning the land, and more importantly mining and mineral rights?
I can see corrupt government officials lining up to feather their own nests already.
Move over the Russians, the new Oligarchs are in town!


A point I’d hoped was implicitly not lost on me, but then, sadly, I’m not the target audience - those that are will, as Kevin says, at best go-on being fucked-over badly, just by a different group of people with vested interests… At worst there will be a bloodbath from which absolutely everybody emerges substantially worse off…

And, of course, unlike Zimbabwe, there is a LOT more in the way of resources, industry and infrastructure in ZA - a lot of it in white ownership - so there is much further to fall if the greedy short-termist hotheads pursue this “logic” to its tragic conclusion…

My opinion - for what incredibly little it’s worth - is that a few decades from now, both black and white will be losers here - but the Chinese “stealth-colonialists” will do very well from it indeed…


I think I was about 20 (1980ish) when I suspected (but at that age declared it as fact) that we were seeing the first signs of the collapse of Western civilisation. I also proclaimed that it wouldn’t happen within my lifetime.

I am fully prepared to revise the last part :flushed:


Chinese ‘stealth colonialists’?


China is buying up most of Africa. Their people aren’t there, but their money is.


They have also made very large investments in Pakistan in particular. One of the near term ambitions is to be able to send huge amounts of their exports by train to Europe and the near east rather than by sea, so there is intensive investment in the foundations for transcontinental train infrastructure. Clearly they want to maintain control as much as possible so routing the trade through the old Soviet Union is not an option. Think of it as the new silk road.


I wonder if their long term plan is to use their future financial influence to enable colonisation. Would it work?


I think it is just a resource grab, bit like we used to do. In Tanzania for instance, they built the national railway just to service the copper mines. the Chinese still run the railway and extract tens of thousands of tonnes of copper to send back to China. At the moment China doesn’t have the required blue water naval capability to control key trade routes, maybe in the future, who knows.

The real biggy in Africa if the DRC, the mineral extraction there underpins much of our high tech industries and is to date, still controlled by “the West”.


Their people are there.
Engineers everywhere running the projects that the 0% loans from the Chinese government are financing.


Idiot drivers who seem to deliberately want to get stopped by red traffic lights, I mean they just sort of linger, going nowhere on the piece of road in front of them, waiting for them to turn red.

They should be shot in the head immediately for not making sufficient progress.


ah so, that was you behind me this morning?


Yes agreed, but once you’ve stopped on the line, cunts who zoom past, just to get through at the last second (usually after the red) should have their scrotum branded with a red hot iron. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: