Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Yep, red light jumpers have seen an increase lately in the snowy conditions, they have continued after the snow has gone, it won’t end well.

Red light jumpers should also be shot on sight :+1:


After being scrotum branded, obvs. :+1:


Yes, I forgot the pre immediate death pain & suffering :+1:


A CP to the white Audi TT driver yesterday - all the lights were out on the big roundabout by work, so instead of proceeding cautiously on to the roundabout this twat decided that the normal give way points didn’t exist any more (as the lights had failed) and the speed limit up the slip road from the A1(M) was still 70mph - came a whisker away from T-boning me as I was on the roundabout proceeding cautiously.

Luckily my cat like reactions and of course superior German vehicle meant I stopped safely in good time.


That would be the Opel Astra then


now you are practising stand up comedy


practising being the correct word. My days on The Fringe are numbered!


Foxcunting can have one, esp. this cunt

Utter wankers of the highest order :rage:


I am chilled and passive by nature (and prescription medication) but I’d kick that cunt in the head and I’d enjoy it.


I think I would prefer to bury him up to the chest and release a couple of angry Pit Bulls.

Y’know, just to see if he enjoys it.


I’ve no problem with someone shooting game that will be consumed. Setting a pack of dogs on an animal to rip it to shreds isn’t hunting, it’s bloodsport. Cunts getting off on killing animals.


SO much this. Loathe these sick fucks with a passion.

I get that foxes can be an agricultural pest, accept control is sometimes needed, but that’s the end of it - rifles were invented for this job.


I hate foxhunting with dogs too - utterly barbaric.

But I’m a bit confused about the picture. I googled Robert Woodward and came up with the link below. If it’s genuine, he had changed his views and was anti hunt to the point of supporting the League Against Cruel Sports. He was obviously a cunt initially though.


Agreed. Rifles, not blazers & sherry as a warm up.


What is it with cunts that wanna film .a whole gig on their phone - CO

There is something wrong with them




The administration nerks in general at the University of Oxford can have one for being an bunch of utter tossers this week, but a particular nad bashing is due to security for this:

Yep, they made a female cleaner scrub out “Happy International Women’s Day” on the Clarendon steps on International Women’s Day.

Fucking Idiots.



Well it’s not exactly a job for an Oxford chap is it?


The BBC for giving this fucking idiot media coverage

You didn’t do the right thing, you were sacked because you repeatedly lied you corrupt fucking tool.

Ms Patel was forced to quit the government after admitting she had unauthorised meetings with Israeli officials.

She said the “whole thing was incredibly messy” but she had been “very clear with the prime minister and also I took responsibility for what she felt was not acceptable, so I think I did the right thing”.


The NRA continue to prove what a force for evil they are

Here’s Woody Allen’s pithy description of them in 1973

I wonder how many citizens have been shot since then.