Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I’m glad they have done this, hopefully it will go a long way in proving to the yank public what a bunch of arseholes they are and result in even more companies dropping any associations.


Taxi drivers. They are the only cunts WORLDWIDE that don’t have fucking change.

Apart from plumbers … but we just round up to the nearest hundred pounds.


Hopefully but unlikely IMV


They should also get out of the taxi and give you a fucking hand with your luggage. Plus the taxi should be clean and they should be presentable/ smart. Most in this country fail to do anything other than drive the car.

Taxis in Japan/ Korea / Taiwan do all of the above.



The twat sporting these at the bar… just buy shorter jeans you short arsed hipster wannabe fuck.



Just buy some longer trousers you fuck.

These have actually been sawn-off.



FFS,is it an audition for Oliver,or a pub?



Where did you get that picture of me?


Also looks like he’s had an arse dribble that’s run down as far as his ankle :thinking:


LOL, the HR cunt at my workplace does the sawed-off look and goes to great pains to make sure you notice his designer twat socks.


Kill. Me. Now.


Like the doc martens,but height of jeans is wrong,1/10


Plus ça change . . .


What sort of a pub is this exactly ? Are the various trouser lengths actually coded signals indicating sexual availability and/or preference ? Or membership of the masons perhaps ? Have you been approached by any strangers in the gents ?




If he’s as fat as I am, he’s got no choice, 'cos no-one makes jeans wide enough that are also the correct leg length.


I saw one of these youths in the supermarket this morning wearing trousers cut off four inches above his ankles in a tattered manner. Terrible I thought.

So I tapped him on the shoulder and told him in my day we did fashion properly.

I spent all of my youth in 501’s with the knees completely ripped out and one leg hanging on by mere threads - and he should make more of a fucking effort. Tsk.


^^ That. 'twas ever thus.


Are any of them combining this shorter length of trouser with the now established waistband below arse cheeks? That’d be a look!