Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


What you’re describing amounts to ill-fitting shorts. This means I am for once ahead of the curve, fashionwise :sunglasses:


Jim has been wearing ill fitting shorts since forever.


Porsche Cayenne drivers because reasons


Jim is a constant source of inspiration to me :ok_hand:


I lead, others follow, it has always been thus :stuck_out_tongue:


Just not too close.



And upwind.


Only thing wrong there is tattooed hands, ive done done many tihngs wrong and have the tatts to prove it but never the hands


To be honest you shouldn’t have had your face done either.


THAT is his face?!

Jesus, I assumed he was walking on his hands . . .


Jamie Carracher. Silly, unpleasant twat.




Bait - hook - fish interface.


Whoever in the police thinks this is acceptable. The driver filming Carragher spitting gets a driving course, which seems appropriate, but Carragher, who is severely distracted through his own actions whilst on a motorway gets away with it, because apparently nobody made a complaint. So what happens if he enjoys doing a spot of murdering ? Is that also fine as long as nobody complains? Bunch of arse.


Spitting blue murder,


Should be hung, drawn and quartered.

We have gone far too soft.


Personally, I’d make him wear full LFC kit, and force him to spend the next Man U/ LFC game at Old Trafford in the Stretford end. Then Paul’s suggestion, if anything’s left.


My solution is far less harsh than watching a Mourinho side play for 90 minutes.:grimacing:


You couldn’t make him watch Maureen, that’s barbaric and over the top.


Should be given a mouthful of Novichok & sent to represent England at the WC.