Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Just had an email from a flower company suggesting I give a bunch of flowers for father’s day !! What planet do these folks live on ? Or perhaps I am out of date !




That’s more like it








Birmingham New Street station management can have a big fat one to the fucking gonads.

We get a full on alarm, sirens and instructions to leave the station. I don’t piss around with these and promptly, with a few others, hoofed open the emergency exits and excited. The alarm continues for another couple of minutes and about twenty percent excited. No instructions from staff etc. The alarm ends and a public broadcast said it was a false alarm. Fair enough I thought, but then one of the platform managers starts shutting the exit doors, berating us for exciting on what was obviously an exercise alarm.

Just what the fuck.


Just how excited were you on exit or was there nothing exciting/exiting to report?



Oh FFS I’m on a mobile and chuffed I got it to work at all, gimme a break :grinning:


wow , thats seriously very frightening …i always get a bit nervous there as i use it a great deal and its a very very high profile target


The fucking cunts of road builders that did this can have an almighty one, or a couple of thousand, to their collective, and no doubt tiny, penises.


No words…



Bathrooms. Fucking hate doing bathrooms.

I’d rather suck Satans cock in Hull for all eternity than do another bathroom.

Fuck that shit.


Surely a lot of your work involves them though


That must pretty well explain the attitude of the plumbers/fitters who just tried to finish our bathroom.
They fucked it up the first time, and now again on the second attempt.
Good bye plumbers.


I try and avoid them if possible this is one I couldn’t get out of. It’s all a massive fuck on.

Pulling tiles off, and half the plaster comes away. Massive resin shower trays with the waste invariably over a joist and soil stacks.

No … if it was up to me a bucket in a cupboard would be adequate.


Sounds like you’ve been unlucky Gregg. Good fitters are hard to find.