Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Like a giant lump of gammon.


Hopefully Chope’s problem is that he gets de-selected by his constituency party at the next election for being unelectable


He’s the MP for Christchurch. No-one is unelectable there. They’d elect Gary Glitter if he was the Tory candidate. His majority is more than 25,000.



The Tory party is full of cunts like him, they tend to sit there quietly being evil and voting against common sense or anything that might improve society. Sadly, they generally only come to public attention when they publicly shit the bed, as in this case.



Marantz AV amp that decided to do a firmware update in the middle of the footie! took 15mins


Did it change the result ?


It was 5-1

I’ll get me coat.


did Pele score?


christchurch is a nice place to live though , we rented a place for some while there


Probably been done before, but this cunt deserves a kick in the scrotum every five minutes.


There’s no need to hold back, they should say what they mean


I thought they showed remarkable restraint


Reckons he has be made a scapegoat :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:


Who was it who said “France is very beautiful - far too good for the French” :thinking: ?



Pain in the arse to drive from, or to, or round. it has a diabolical standing traffic jam called a ‘ring road’. If you want to use the A27 you can’t avoid it.


yes , we cycled everywhere !!!


Lost my dear old Dad today.

Death and all its associated bullshit can get to fuck and carry on getting to fuck for all eternity.


Ahh fuck. Really sorry to hear this Stu. Lost my Dad 5 years ago and still think of him every day. My best to you and yours at a horribly difficult time.


So sorry to hear this, Stu. That’s hard to take.

Chin up mate.


I am so sorry to hear that Stu, thinking of you.