Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Truly sorry to hear this Stu, commiserations mate.


Sorry to hear your sad news Stu. Everyone will be thinking of you and sending condolences.


Thanks all. Not one usually to emote in public but it does seem to help.


Not much to add to the above comments - lost mine 5 years ago. You have my deepest condolences


Sorry to hear your news Stu. My thoughts are with you.


Sorry to hear that Stu,atb


Sorry for your loss Stu.


So sorry to hear that, best wishes mate.


Sorry to hear this. My condolences.


Wasn’t aware of this until i saw a doc a couple of weeks ago.
Happened around 2008;


That’s just awful


Condolences Stu


I don’t mind graffiti well done as art so I found it shocking to hear about the three young men who died on the track at Loughborough Junction today, spray cans nearby.

Regrdless of views on graffiti cockpunch to this bloke for super sensitive tweet:

‘A tweet by former Transport for London (TfL) board member Brian Cooke described the dead men as “common scum who cost the railway millions and keep fares high”. BBC news

I also wasn’t aware that graffiti was the root cause of the rail network’s problems either.


Whereas in reality he’s uncommonly fat scum. Here is is taking up three seats. Cunt.


Fuck me, as sad as it is it’s hardly a complete fucking shocker. How many times do you have to tell people not to fuck around on the railway. I hope the driver of the train is getting all the support they need.



My condolencies to you.Lost my Dad 15 years ago. He would have celebrated his 80th birthday today.

I will toast him in the usual manner this evening :beers:


A mahoosive mallet to the shrivelled nadgers of this dickhead…


I took the Mrs to a private clinic this morning so they could have a look at her knee, it’s been giving her jip and our doctor referred her.

Lord Sugar walked past us in the corridor! :thinking:


Never call him Lord Sugar, the cunt.